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Special Bottom VS Angle Plate Tang (Dop)

Specification :-

  • The D102A Special Bottom VS Angle Plate Tang (Dop) is Designed for Round Cuts for Final Polish full Cut with very Easier Way .
  • The Special VS Bottom Tang is specially designed with Extra hard Material .
  • All the Parts in this Dop are Grinded to give Excellent Finish Work .
  • Parts have Minimum Clearance in Male Female Part in Every Dop .
  • The Name of the Tang (Dop) is Because it has very Precise Vernier Scale Degree Plate on it .
  • The Vernier Scale Degree Plate is Highly Sensitive and has angle between 20° to 80°.
  • The Tang (Dop) has very Accurate Angle Positioning Screw for the Precise Movement of the Tang .
  • The Special Azimuth Waram Nutt is fitted to Adjust the 0 Angle , It Changes the Angle From 1 Line to Another .
  • The Tang Can Cut Triple EX Cut with Perfect Result
  • The Dop have Special Tang which has two high Sensitive leveling system for Easy & Accurate leveling, one on the top of the Tang and other on the Middle of the tang.
  • The Wascover of 8MM As well as 9MM can Be Fitted in it .
  • HDPL Bottom Pots can be Applied for More Perfect Results .

Accesories :-

  • Clicks Available :- 32X .
  • Tanks Available :- Light Weight , Medium Weight , Heavy Weight .
  • Holders :- Safety Claw Holder / Revolving Claw Holder .
  • Special Azimuth Waram Nutt .
  • Bottom Press Pots .


NOTE :- If the Ordered Weight Is Above 30 Kgs Contact on :- because the freight rates will be higher in courier mode.

  • Special Bottom VS Angle Plate Tang (Dop)
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