Top Quickstep Marquise Tang

Specification :-
•    The D107C Top Quickstep Marquise Tang (Top Tang Gear System) is Designed For Full Finish Cut for the Marquise Top. This Tang (Dop) is Specially Designed For Excellent “triple X” Cut.
•    This Tang is specially designed with European hard Material.
•    Click Ring in the Tang (Dop) has Special Marquise Click on High Accuracy & Colour Coding.
•    The Pots Fixed in it is of 8MM Standard.
•    The Collete of 6MM can be applied on if Required.
•    The Claw Fixed in it is Made of Tungsten Carbide so it has very long Life. It Rotates 360° Degree with Same Slope Angle & Azimuth Angle repeatedly.
•    All the Parts in this Dop are Grinded to give Excellent Finish Work.
•    Parts have Minimum Clearance in Male-Female Part in Every Dop
•    It has very Precise Vernier Scale Degree Plate on it, and it has 0.1°Degree Accurate Marking.
•    Special Azimuth Waram Nutt has a line marking of 0.25°Degree.
•    The Tang has Two Types of Leveling System in Medium Weight to Adjust the Level of the Tang Accurately.

Accessories :-
•    Clicks Available :-48X & 96X (If Required).
•    Tangs Available:- Medium Weight, Heavy height
•    Top Claws.
•    Top Pots.