Top VS 96X Tang (Dop)

Specification :-

  • The D115 Top VS 96X Tang (Dop) is Designed for Fancy Stones .
  • This Dop (Tang) is Durable , Reliable . Its Dimensional Accuracy and Sturdy Construction is its Key Point
  • The Name of the Tang (Dop) is Because it has very Precise Vernier Scale Degree Plate on it . Special Azimuth Waram Nutt (According To Requirement).
  • The Vernier Scale Degree Plate is Highly Sensitive and has angle between 20° to 80°.
  • The Fancy Top 96X Tang is having Accurate Screw with Precise Action .
  • The Dop have Special Tang which has two high Sensitive leveling system for Easy & Accurate leveling, one on the top of the Tang and other on the Middle of the tang.

Accessories :-

  • Click Available :- 96X Only .
  • Tank Available :- Light Weight , Medium Weight , Heavy Weight .
  • Top Pots of all Shapes can Be Applied – Emerald , Pear , Heart , Marquise , Princess , Triangle , Oval …..
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