RVT Top Dop 8X Tang (Dop)


  • The D137 RVT Top Dop 8X Tang (Dop) is Designed For Top 8Facet finish Cut for the Top. This Tang (Dop) is Specially Designed For Excellent Heart & Arrow Cut.
  • This Tang is Specially Designed For Ideal Shape.
  • The Tang (Dop) has very Precise Two Water Level one Fixed Water Level and One Adjustable Water Level To Balance the Tank Accurately. Accuracy for the Level Bottle is 20 Microns So Fast and Easy to Take Level at the time of Minimum Difference in Size of Stone.
  • Click Ring in the Tang (Dop) has 8X with High Accuracy & with Colour Coding.
  • Dop Body is Specially Developed from Light Weight Aluminium Material. For Long Life, it is Processed from Hardening Process.
  • The Claw Fixed in it is Made of Tungsten Carbide so it has very long Life. It Rotates 360° Degree with Same Slope Angle & Azimuth Angle repeatedly.
  • The Pots Fixed in it is of 6MM Standard.
  • D137 RVT Top Dop 8X Tang (Dop) is Patented Product.

Accessories:- (On Demand)

  • Tangs Available:- Medium Weight, Light Weight.
  • Top Claws:- High-Speed Steel & Tungsten Carbide.
  • Top Pots :- No. 6 to 48 No .(0.6mm to 4.0mm).
  • Level Bottles:- Small Level Bottle & Big Adjustable Level Bottle For Calibration.