Emerald Girdle Dop Click System

Specification :-

  • The D118C Girdle Tang with Click System is the Unique Tang (Dop) for Emerald and Princess Girdle Polishing .
  • This Dop can polish O° degree to –or+ 45° degree in single setting without turning the Diamond.
  • The Click has 5°degree between each click.
  • In this Dop diamond can be hold very perfectly it will not vibrate or it will not move So chances of damage can be reduced for risky diamond.
  • The Tang (Dop) will help worker to put Accurate Proportion facets for Girdle .
  • This Tang is used for Small Stones as well as big Stones for Girdle Polishing .
  • This Dop has two level systems one at the top of the tang and one at the middle of the tang.

Accessories :-

  • Clicks Available :- 96X , 128X , 180X .
  • Tanks Available :- Light Weight , Medium Weight , Heavy Weight .