Diamond Scaife without Spindle

Diamond Impregnated Scaife without Spindle 

Specification :-

  • We have Two Grain Types quality MM01 & BB01.
  • MM01 Quality is used for small & crystal type of Stone and Medium Grain Size.
  • BB01 Quality is used for Biggest size Stone , Table & Rough Blocking .
  • Outside Diameter 320mm & 330mm (Optional).
  • Inside Diameter 35 mm & 50 mm. It is also Customized as Requirements.
  • It has 22 mm Thickness.
  • Diamond layer of 30 mm Standard. (It can be upto 80mm Diamond Layer width)
  • The Diamond Layer’s Depth is 2.5 mm.
  • All scaifes are scoured, finished and balanced.