Bottom Extra Small Stone Tang (Mini Bottom Dop)

Specification :

  • The D104 Bottom Tang Extra Small Stone (Light Weight) is designed for specially the Small Stones to polish Full Bottom Finish in an easier way .
  • The Click Ring in the Tang (Dop) has 24X with high Accuracy with Colour Coding .
  • For Tang’s (Dop’s) Precise Action Very Accurate Facet Screw is Attached on it .
  • The Tang has Angle plate indicating Angles between 26° and 44°.
  • The Tang is Designed very Light weight as it is used in Small Stones .
  • The Wascover of 8MM As well as 9MM can Be Fitted in it .

Accessories :

  • Clicks Available :- 24X Click .
  • Tanks Available :- Light weight , Medium Tank .
  • Bottom Press Pots .
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