Blasting Machine

We Manufacture High Quality and Fully Customize Blasting Machine .To achieve uniform matt finish on Normal Steel & Cast Iron Scaives (Wheels) with and without Spindles for diamond polishing application.


We Manufacture High Quality and Fully Customize Blasting Machine .

Specification :-

  • To achieve uniform matt finish on Normal Steel & Cast Iron Scaives (Wheels) with and without Spindles for diamond polishing application.
  • Brief Working :- The Scaife is placed on the Motorized turn table inside the cabinet. The Scaife will rotate inside the cabinet on turn table. Blasting is accomplished through Blast Nozzles which are reciprocated horizontally through hrdro pneumatic arrangement. The used abrasive and dust created during blasting are sucked through reclaimer where usable grit is reclaimed and recycled through nozzle. and dust is collected inside the fabric bag at the outlet of reclaimer whereas clean air is discharged into the atmosphere.
  • Working Chamber Size :- Fabricated from 2.0 mm MS sheet in welded and folded construction and suitably engineered for rigidity and strength .
  • Cabinet Dimension :- 900 mm [L] x 1000 mm [W] X 1000 mm [H]
  • Rubber Lining :- The cabinet inside walls lined with 3 mm thick hanging rubber sheet and Mn liners on some portion of cabinet walls.
  • Hinge Type Door on both sides :- Hinge type door will be provided on both sides of the cabinet .The door is properly sealed to ensure that dust does not escape and locking provision will be provided.
  • Door Size :- 900 mm [W] x 800 mm [H].
  • Illumination :- Qty: 1 No. One Light Boxes mounted on top of the cabinet each with bulb of 200W. Light box glass is protected by fine wire mesh screen against abrasion and is replaceable.
  • Vision Window :- Qty: 1 No. Vision glass is protected by fine wire mesh screen against abrasion and is toughened and is replaceable.
  • Location :- At front.
  • Width :- 360 mm.
  • Height :- 180 mm.
  • Arm Holes :- The provisions are made for two arm holes in the R.H. side door. However, these are covered with blind flanges.
  • Blast Gun :- Mounted on reciprocation arm of the reciprocation arrangement will be provided.
  • Nozzle :- 6 mm Tungusten Carbide
  • Injector :- 2 mm
  • Blast Hose :- 19 mm I.D. of requisite standard length is provided
  • Motorized Turn Table :- A Motorized Turn Table is provided for job rotation. The turntable rotation is through motor with gear box.
  • Drive :- 0.5 HP 415V/3P/50 motor and gear box.
  • Diameter :- 500 mm.
  • Load Capacity :- 50 Kgs.
  • Pneumatic Gun Reciprocation :- The Gun Reciprocation is through Hydro Pneumatic arrangement and Limit Switch for adjustment of stroke. The blast control is through Timer arrangement.
  • Reclaimer :- The blasting media is carried from cabinet hopper to reclaimer by suction effect of the exhaust fan. It airwashes the blasting media and collected abrasives fines and air laden dust to the outlet. Due to cyclonic action, the heavy particles are collected in the storage hopper after passing through vibratory sieve, where they are recycled through nozzle. The debris can be removed manually through the inspection hole provided for this purpose.
  • Fan motor :- 1.0 HP, 415V/3P/50 Hz.
  • Fan capacity :- 400 Cfm. approx.
  • Filter cloth area :- 2.0 sq.mtrs.
  • Abrasive feed :- Induction Suction.
  • Storage Tank :- 28 Liters [1 Cft]
  • Air Filter, Pressure Gauge & Pressure Regulator :- One set will be provided.
  • Control Panel :- Located in front and having START/STOP push button for blasting, gun reciprocation, turn table, reclaimer & illumination. One emergency switch is also provided.
  • Compressed air required : 37 Cfm. at 80 psig.