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How Are Diamond Formed ? 

Diamonds are made of carbon crystallized temperature and extreme pressure. They were formed millions of years ago in the molten rock in the earth at depths greater than 160 km. After their formation, diamonds brought to the surface in the ascending magma strong volcanic activity. When the magma cooled conical tubes with blue rock called kimberlite again. Over the years, the wind, rain, snow and ice eroded kimberlite and diamond indicator minerals and released. Advance and retreat of glaciers sometimes dispersed and eroded materials hundreds or thousands of kilometers away are transported.HDPL - Diamond Formation

Geologists believe that diamonds in all commercial diamond deposits were formed Earth in the mantle and delivered to the surface of the volcanic eruptions of deep origin. These eruptions produce kimberlite and lamproite pipes that is coveted by diamond prospectors. Diamonds degraded and eroded from these eruptive deposits are now found in sedimentary deposits of rivers and coasts.

Some diamonds can be found in these secondary deposits of laundered materials called alluvial deposits. However, the main source of these precious stones in kimberlite itself. To find these diamonds rocks, and therefore the results geologists chemistry of mineral indicators, anticipated regional studies of ice and geophysics analysis.To date, over 500 kimberlites found in Canada are combined and many are in our remote northern areas .

The formation of natural diamond requires very high temperatures and pressures. These conditions occur in limited areas of the mantle of the Earth around 90 miles (150 kilometers) below the surface, where the temperature is at least 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1,050 degrees Celsius). This pressure environment temperature critical for diamond formation and stability is not present worldwide. Instead, it is believed that is mainly present in the mantle beneath stable inside the continental plates.

Diamonds are formed and stored in these Diamond Stability Zones come to the surface during volcanic eruptions deep source. These eruptions heartbreaking parts of the mantle and quickly bring them to the surface. This type of eruption is extremely rare and has not occurred since scientists have been able to recognize.

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